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Monday, June 15, 2009

What is the Purpose of Karma?


What is the Purpose of Karma?

Karma is the experience of what you have created. It is the compassionate dynamic through which you learn to create responsibly. Karma is the law of cause and effect through which you shape your life with every decision. Karma is neither good nor bad. There are no good effects or bad effects - only effects. You choose the cause, and that choice includes your choice of an effect. The cause and the effect are one. If you participate in the cause, you will always participate in its effect. There are no exceptions. It is the Law.

You tell the Universe how to treat you when you make choices. When you choose to think of suffering, you create suffering and you experience suffering. When you create joy, you experience joy. Sooner or later, you will make the connection between what you choose and what you experience. Then you will choose differently.

There are very few humans that start a life without any “old” karma. Almost everyone of us has been misled by addictive demands of the ego and as a result have created tensions. In previous incarnations you may have violated the rights of other beings, caused pain, disrespected life and even extinguished life. Many crimes, many wars have happened in the course of mankind’s history. Many of those beings that committed these acts, or are committing such acts right now, are still among us. Such acts are part of our experience and what counts now is to learn from these experiences. Now is the time to forgive all those who victimised you. Only through forgiveness can the karma that connects you be dissolved. When you forgive each other, and you truly do this with your heart, then your karma can be freed, and negative energies dissolved. Though such an expression of love, the negative energies can be transformed.

There will be beings you harmed who will not forgive you. In this case it is you who must ask for forgiveness, either in silence or in meditation. Without forgiveness these tensions can only be removed by reparation, by serving those people in a special way - an expression of love which dissolves the karma. This is no easy path, because it may take several incarnations before the awarness of the other being has grown enough for forgiveness to be granted.

Energy is indestructible, because God is indestructible. However, energy can change and can be brought onto different levels. These are two very basic laws, which have repercussions on many areas of your existence. Energy is indestructible, therefore it has permanently valid stability. The changeability of energy is of utmost importance for the development of souls, because this means that their consciousness can be raised, and brought to a higher level of existence.

However, this also means that all energies that you spread, positive or negative, continue to exist until they are changed. So, when you cause friction among each other and send out negative vibrations during your arguments, these energies will continue to exist and put a load on your karma. Karma is the word for these energetic loads that you cause. All those energies that you send out want to come back to you. There is of course a way to dissolve such negative karma, but for that you have to completely forgive those human beings that you have tensions with.

If you can even forgive those human beings that purposely cause you harm, then you can also be forgiven. The task of dissolving of old, negative karma will be given to you at the right time. Love your fellow humans unconditionally, independently of their behavior towards you.

It is of course not always easy to love those that want to do you harm, but you will find that when you meet those people with unconditional, universal love, they will begin to treat you differently. They will either respond to your love or they will try to avoid you. Acts of unconditional love can confuse them. Such beings have come far off the path and cannot distinguish the good from the bad. For you, they offer to test your ability to love all beings universally and unconditionally.

Compassion or Indifference?

You cannot interfere with another's karma. You can only create your own karma. If you see an act of violence, and you say to yourself, “He must deserve this or it wouldn't be happening. His suffering is not my concern,” what karma are you creating? The indifference. that you show to a fellow soul is the same indifference that you will encounter one day. Is this what you want?

Violent action not be as dramatic as a fight, or a sexual assault. Indifference is a violent action. So is greed, jealousy, and exploitation. Do you want to give to Life? That impulse is nurturing. Do you want to take from Life? That impulse is violent.

If you decide that another's suffering is none of your business, don't think that your understanding of karma will permit your act of callousness to pass without effecting you. The suffering that you see is fair. Every experience in this Earth school is valid and fair, but if you use your realisation of this to ignore the suffering of your brothers and sisters, you create a world in which your suffering, also, is of no concern to others. That is karma.

Your future is yours to create in the same way that you created your present - through your choices. Compassion or indifference is a choice. It is natural for us to be compassionate, but we can choose “not to get involved.” Feeling warmly toward one another is natural for us, but we can choose to be distant and cold. Everything that you do is a choice, and every choice that you make creates experiences that you will encounter. That is karma.

Getting involved does not mean judging. You may feel righteously angry at a sexual molester, but beware if you do. You do not know enough to judge this act or any other. You do not know what is being healed, or coming to completion. Molester and molested may be exchanging roles that were played in another lifetime. It is not your role to be a judge or a jury. If you decide to take on these roles, you create painful karma for yourself. Do you like being judged? Then judge not lest you be judged.

Placing yourself between the molested and the molester is appropriate. Judging the molester is not. Protecting the bullied and the oppressed is appropriate. Judging the bully and the oppressor is not. Do you have the courage to protect without judging? Can you be compassionate even to those who have no compassion? If so, there is no finer karma that you can create. You will live in a world that is compassionate with you, even when you forget to be compassionate. You will be supported when you are weak until you have regained your strength. You will be loved, even if you forget to love.

The New Energies

On the new earth, cause and effect will become a thing of the past. In the past we have connected karma with cause and effect. Up until now, we have been playing in the energies of light and dark to help understand the balancing effect of polarity. In the new energy, cause and effect will be replaced by INTENT and CREATION. Whereas cause and effect was governed by a time lapse between the cause and the effect, the new energies of intent and creation will produce instant manifestation.

It is the birthing of the new existence to come.


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