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Monday, June 7, 2010

Making Seed Tape

This is  far beyond  groovy ,  but of course I didn't discover this until AFTER I planted my garden.

What you  need

  • 1/4 cup flour + enough water to make a paste
  • strips of paper to make the tape: black and white newspaper (no colored ink), single-ply toilet paper, and a thin paper bag all work
  • something for dabbing on drops of the paste, like the back of a paint brush
  • seeds

Check the planting recommendations for your type of seed. Dab the paste onto your strips of paper as far apart as you would plant the seeds. Drop the seeds onto the paste. Drop the same number you would if you were planting. That’s it. Just wait for the paste to dry completely (a couple hours will do) and you’re ready to roll up your tape. Store it in an air-tight plastic bag and it is ready to go for next season. Most types of seeds are planted shallow enough that all you’ll need to do is lay the tape down and sprinkle a bit of dirt over it. Then it’s ready to be watered and to grow.

 Homemade seed tape garden

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