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Friday, March 27, 2009

Veganism:is important for animals, people, trees, water

If people went vegan, every year it would save TRILLIONS of gallons of water, MILLIONS of acres of forests, feed BILLIONS more people, and most importantly, save over 50 BILLION animals a year from a life of pain, suffering, and ultimately UNNECESSARY death
I say UNNECESSARY death because we DO NOT need to consume animals in any way to survive and thrive..I grew up believing this myth, but recently found out the truth..The truth is there are millions of people that have been vegan for over ten years and are living happy, healthy lives..The truth is that there are vegan professional champion athletes such as bodybuilders, triathletes, marathoners, football players, and mixed martial artists..Please discover the truth for yourself..It really is important and actually essential to the survival of mankind..At the current rate of deforestation and water pollution, global warming and the economy should be the least of our worries...

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