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Monday, January 24, 2011

Jeans Book Cover For 3-ring Binder

Jeans Book Cover

Decorate a 3-ring binder or a composition notebook and use the pockets to hold your pens and pencils.

You need:
Old Jeans
Trim and Appliques
Gem Glue
Low Temp Glue Gun


Cut the legs off a pair of jeans. Cut open the front, cutting off the entire zipper. Turn jeans upside down. Place the binder on top and line up the top edge of your jeans with the top edge of the binder and the back seam with the center of the spine.

Trim both sides and the bottom of the jeans 1" bigger than the binder. Hot glue the top edge securely. Tack the other three sides with dabs of hot glue.

Turn the project over. Tuck in along the back seam to fit the jeans to the spine. glue in place.

Wrap sides and bottom of the jeans around the edges of the book. Glue in place.

Glue trim over raw edge. Decorate the outside with gems and appliques. Glue trim under belt loops and around top of book.

Make a purse out of the leg og a pair of old jeans ~ Groovy~

Jean's Leg Purse

Making cut-off shorts out of an old pair of jeans? Save the legs to make a trendy purse. Anna from Kings Park, NY made this purse with some help from her mom and grandma.

You need:

* Old Jeans
* Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine
* Applique or Trim (optional)
* Scissors


Cut the legs off an old pair of jeans. Cut the hem off the legs. You'll use one leg for the purse and the other leg for the strap and decoration. Sew across the bottom, about 1" from the edge. Snip up to the sewing line every 1/4" to make a decorative frayed edge along the bottom of the purse. Snip along the top in the same way.

Cut half the other leg into nine 3/4" strips. Tie the ends of the strips together so you have three strips of three tied together. Braid. Stitch the braid ends to the purse.

To decorate, cut out two heart shapes in the remaining denim. Stitch to purse leaving raw edges to fray. Stitch on an applique between the two hearts.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Height of Happiness ~ An Amazing Philosophy

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recycled Slipper Tutorial


You will need woolen fabric, i have used an old woolen blanket from the thrift store. Fleece to line the sole. Bias binding.
I use a 1cm seam allowance throughout this how-to.
The pattern:

I am going to show you one slipper. Once finished you will make the other by reversing the pattern pieces, we don't want two of the same do we?
From the woolen blanket cut out one sole and one of each top piece. From the fleece cut out one sole:

Baste the fleece and woolen soles together:

Sew the top pieces together as in the photo, trim the seam and press open:

Sew the top pieces together at the heel, trim the seam allowance and press open:

Pin the top to the sole and sew around the edge, trim the seam allowance:

Turn it right side out and press the seams. Trim the opening as desired making sure that your foot will fit:

Make your binding by cutting strips from your chosen fabric on the bias. Mine is 3cm wide but you can make it wider if you wish:

Fold your binding in half and press. Open out and fold top towards the middle crease. Press:

Pin the binding around the outside of the opening. sew in place with a 5mm seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance of the woolen blanket fabric:

Fold the binding to the inside and pin in place. Slip stitch into place making sore to fold under the end of the binding for a neat finish:

Make the other slipper and now you can have toasty warm toes!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cold and flu home remedy

Credit to:  http://www.learningherbs.com/flu_home_remedy_tea.html


Cold and flu home remedy

I felt this cold home remedy and flu home remedy information really needed to be in everyone’s grasp for free. This cold and flu home remedy is such an important part of my “cold regimen” that I want everyone to know about it.
The recipe...
You already have the ingredients in your kitchen!
For years my wife and I have been making this tea whenever we feel something coming on or are already sick. Usually, we curb the cold before it takes hold, but in either case, you’ll find this tea not only gives relief, but also works on stimulating your immune system and warms you up.
The three secret ingredients to my “Special-Tea” are:
1)    Ginger
2)    Lemon juice
3)    Honey
That’s it!
Why ginger, lemon and honey?
Well, you probably know that lemon is high in Vitamin C. It is also full of phytochemicals. These are plant constituents that help boost the immune system and much more.
Ginger and honey are also well documented to help the immune system. Stephen Buhner does an incredible job of talking about the virtues of these and other herbs in his book, Herbal Antibiotics.