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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recycled Slipper Tutorial


You will need woolen fabric, i have used an old woolen blanket from the thrift store. Fleece to line the sole. Bias binding.
I use a 1cm seam allowance throughout this how-to.
The pattern:

I am going to show you one slipper. Once finished you will make the other by reversing the pattern pieces, we don't want two of the same do we?
From the woolen blanket cut out one sole and one of each top piece. From the fleece cut out one sole:

Baste the fleece and woolen soles together:

Sew the top pieces together as in the photo, trim the seam and press open:

Sew the top pieces together at the heel, trim the seam allowance and press open:

Pin the top to the sole and sew around the edge, trim the seam allowance:

Turn it right side out and press the seams. Trim the opening as desired making sure that your foot will fit:

Make your binding by cutting strips from your chosen fabric on the bias. Mine is 3cm wide but you can make it wider if you wish:

Fold your binding in half and press. Open out and fold top towards the middle crease. Press:

Pin the binding around the outside of the opening. sew in place with a 5mm seam allowance. Trim the seam allowance of the woolen blanket fabric:

Fold the binding to the inside and pin in place. Slip stitch into place making sore to fold under the end of the binding for a neat finish:

Make the other slipper and now you can have toasty warm toes!

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