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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cold and flu home remedy

Credit to:  http://www.learningherbs.com/flu_home_remedy_tea.html


Cold and flu home remedy

I felt this cold home remedy and flu home remedy information really needed to be in everyone’s grasp for free. This cold and flu home remedy is such an important part of my “cold regimen” that I want everyone to know about it.
The recipe...
You already have the ingredients in your kitchen!
For years my wife and I have been making this tea whenever we feel something coming on or are already sick. Usually, we curb the cold before it takes hold, but in either case, you’ll find this tea not only gives relief, but also works on stimulating your immune system and warms you up.
The three secret ingredients to my “Special-Tea” are:
1)    Ginger
2)    Lemon juice
3)    Honey
That’s it!
Why ginger, lemon and honey?
Well, you probably know that lemon is high in Vitamin C. It is also full of phytochemicals. These are plant constituents that help boost the immune system and much more.
Ginger and honey are also well documented to help the immune system. Stephen Buhner does an incredible job of talking about the virtues of these and other herbs in his book, Herbal Antibiotics.

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