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Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 Uses For Cereal Box Linings

The humble cereal lining bag

A great planet saving recycling tip from a member of the 'Living Frugally' web group I belong to:

1. Snip off the bottom corner of a liner and you have a funnel for filling
those little containers like salt shakers or soap dispensers without the mess.

2. As a sandwich baggie. Slip your sandwich into the liner and wrap it up
to take it with you.

3. Prevent your shoes from getting crushed when packing or storing them
away. Bunch up the liner and stuff the shoe.

4. Packing material: Either use the liner bunched up as padding in a
shipping box or make your own air pillow by blowing air into the liner using a
straw and taping the liner closed.

5. Keep your fresh herbs fresher longer by storing them inside the liner
before putting them in the fridge.

6. Keep your wet pool clothes from touching your dry clothes in your gym
bag by slipping them into a liner first.

7. Snip off a small corner of the liner and add an icing tip (with or
without a coupler) then add the icicing and decorate.

8. A prep surface for foods, fresh fruit, you name it!

9. Use as a tray liner when making candies, dipping chocolates or making
chocolate covered pretzels. Lining a cookie sheet or tray first, the sweets can
cool on the tray or easily be transferred to the freezer for hardening, then
easily be peeled from the liner.

10. Use as an excellent zero-cost alternative to the store-bought kind of wax

11. Storing portions of frozen meat.

12. Rolling out cookie dough. (wet counter before putting liner down, this
will prevent slipping)

13. As pooper-scoopers for your pooch.

14. Lay the liner out on a surface to protect your table/furniture when

15. Reuse it as freezer strorage bag.

16. Use them as a disposal bag for dirty diapers.

17. Instead of using a Ziploc bag when you’re making a shake and bake type
item, shake your food in a cereal box liner.

18. Crush crackers or nuts in them.

19. Use, instead of Ziploc bags, to pound/tenderize meat.

20.Use a cereal liner over your hand to pat down and spread warm rice crispy
treats in the pan when making them.

21.Cut into a circle to line a cake plate before placing cake on the plate.

22.As tracing paper to trace patterns.

23. Use to store fresh baked cookies or fresh treats, simply fold and clip the
top in place.

24. Sit in bowl near sink when peeling vegetables or preparing foods – use to
carry cuttings to compost pile, or transfer messy items like meat trimming to
trash can.

25. Cut to size for a shelf liner under such things as honey or syrup,
refrigerator bin liner, or drawer liner for kitchen, bathroom, office or vanity.

26. Separate layers of meat, hamburgers, cheese, pancakes or other foods when

27. Use to cover pies. Open the bag halfway, slip the cover over the pies with
the opening on the bottom and fold it over. Then label with a marker.

28. Reuse with vacuum food bag sealer. Saves on buying new rolls.

29. Put them at the bottom of the kitchen garbage can, saves time cleaning the
can as it catches drips.

30. Place the large ones at the bottom of the drawers of the refrigerator to
catch spills.

Do Not allow them to come in contact with food you are reheating in the
microwave, because the plastic can emit chemicals.

Cereal box liners are usually made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), the #2
plastic when comes to recycling. That means that most curbside recycling
programs that take #2 plastics will take cereal box liners. Double check with
your community's recycling rules before adding them to your recyclables.


P. Preuss said...

put cereal bags over your feet, between socks when going out in cold to shovel snow.

HeatherLynn said...

I save all of them for many of the above ideas. My favorite, because they are so sturdy is for pounding meat inside....the best!