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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Groovy Kitchen Composter

I think I've finally mastered it.  Last year and the year before that all I got was a stinking (and I do mean 'stinking') mess.  This year, thanks to this video: http://denbeath1.blogspot.com/2011/02/easy-indoor-composting-video.html   I have compost that smells like dirt and not rotting garbage!!!  I am so impressed that I feel the need to brag...I mean ...'share'.

This is my compost just after I've mixed it for this week.  I was shocked that it smelled like dirt, fresh dirt.  I dump my used coffee grinds in here every morning so I never need to add any water.

I know this might sound odd but I use scissors to cut veggie scraps up into tiny pieces, I also tear up paper scraps into strips then cut them strips up as well. They incorporate easier and degrade faster.

My onion that went bad is going to be beautiful compost

All mixed. I think I might need to start another bucket.

Covered with a dish towel to discourage bugs

My groovy, handy-dandy compost mixing spoon stands ready for the next mixing



meemsnyc said...

Composting does take trial and error to get it right. We had a wet mess our first year. Now, I really got it down to a science. You keep your bin inside? Do you still do the worm composting?

Denbeath said...

Hi meemsnyc. My worms died last year. I kept them in my kitchen over the winter. It did not go well.

I keep this compost bucket in the kitchen. It has no oder, no bugs. It's pretty filled so I am going to start another one this week. I think I am going to dump the filled bucket into my big compost bucket that I have outside....I'm hoping my son will buy me a Tumbling Composter for Mother's Day.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your comment.