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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thrift Store Treasure: Three Royal China Jeannette Pie Plates

Friday, on my way home from doing errands ( my son & nephew's Banking, a little grocery shopping, Pharmacy for me)  I stopped at our Community Thrift Shop and found exactly one of the items I needed.  This was an exciting find. a At $2.99 a piece I thought that they were just a wee bit pricy for a thrift shop  -but-  even so they were still priced  considerably less that if I were to buy them new.  I knew I was getting a huge bargin but little did I know how much of a bargin!!  I did a little research online discovering that Royal China Jeannette  are Collectables.  Should I sell them or keep them? Decisions, Decisions......

priced at $45.00

Priced at $35.00

Priced at $35.00

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