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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One change at a time « Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet!

This blog post is not mine but comes from the link below.  It’s an awesomely groovy blog site


One change at a time

June 30, 2009 ·

By Recycla

As you can probably imagine, Recycla is passionately committed to doing her part to save Planet Earth.  She is always trying new things, whether it’s sampling a new product or testing a tip before she posts it here.

Here is a partial list of the EASY things Recycla does day in and day out:

  • Recycles all paper, glass, metal, most plastics, etc.
  • Also, REDUCES use of materials whenever possible.  For example, Recycla has nearly eliminated the use of paper towels in her house.
  • Uses almost all organic personal care products.  (Not 100%, but it’s still a good percentage.)
  • Buys organic foods, shops local, cooks most days instead of eating out, etc.
  • Takes cloth bags to the store.  (Not just the grocery store, but all stores.)
  • Turns lights off when leaving a room and (of course) uses fluorescent bulbs.
  • Bundles errands when driving, so as to minimize outings and save on gas.
  • Walks or bikes to errands when possible.
  • Uses reusable water bottles instead of disposable ones.
  • Uses cloth napkins for dinner almost every night.

That’s the good stuff. Then, there are the areas in which Recycla could do a better job.

For example, Recycla tried to get away from conventional mascara and tried a variety of natural options, but ultimately went back to the Dark Side.

Also, Recycla’s family does not use organic toilet paper.  While Recycla really didn’t care about the rougher texture, another member of her family did notice the difference and HE complained. The family is now back to using conventional toilet paper. Ditto tissues. And, no, cloth handkerchiefs are not an option as far as Recycla is concerned.

Another area in which Recycla could improve is shopping online. Shopping online means that the mailman or the Big Brown Truck of Joy has to make a trip to Recycla’s house to deliver the goodies. Those trucks use gas to get to Recycla’s house, lots of it. Recycla understands that it would be better if she instead shopped at stores in her town — bonus points if they’re locally owned. Recycla TRIES to do this, but she really does not like to shop, and so this is one area in which convenience often wins out over the environment.  To make up for this eco sin, she saves her orders until she has a significant quantity, so as to eliminate multiple shipments.

One issue Recycla wrestles with is the cost difference between conventional and eco products. When two products work equally well and there’s a clear reason why the eco one is better for the environment and/or human health, Recycla is going to choose the greener item nearly every time.  However, she is in a position to make that kind of choice, whereas it’s simply not an option for many families.

As you can see, Eco Warriors are not perfect. They are not 100% eco. The important thing to remember is that EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Even seemingly small changes can have a large impact, especially when lots of people make that change.

Now imagine if you made one change every single month and other people made a change every month. The changes would all have a positive impact on the environment and help save Planet Earth. So this is Recycla’s challenge for you: Try to do one new thing this month. Just one thing. See how it works out. Think you can do that?

One change at a time « Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet!


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