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Monday, July 6, 2009

Save the Climate! Stop the Cliffside Coal Plant!

Hi Friends, This video has gotten me really pumped up. We are taking the movement to the next level!
On March 2nd, we took to the streets of Washington, DC to protest the use of coal at the Capitol Power Plant. The Capitol Climate Action, as it was called, has galvanized global warming and anti-coal protesters across the country. Protests are springing up everywhere to push for a clean energy revolution in America. On April 20th we will be taking the fight to Charlotte, North Carolina to protest the proposed Cliffside coal plant. For more info on the Cliffside action check out : http://stopcliffside.org/news.php And if you missed the Capitol Climate Action, be sure to check out our highlight video in our blog! For the Planet! Chris Greenpeace USA
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