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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Is Love ?

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Two bulletins by Cornwalls Voice for Animals reposted by Kindness of Strangers E_CO Member

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Cornwalls Voice for Animals


Now that you feel great watching that wonderful video, remember that cute little cat you patted on holiday in Rhodes?

I know better than most what happens to the animals in Greece after the tourists go home - they are killed in the most horrific ways by those who are in the first place responsible for them being born homeless ! This article tells it all ! Please share 

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Kindness of Strangers E_CO Member

Thank you for veggie starter kit info!


Starter Kit (PCRM)

Starter Kit for Teens (Animal Place)

Starter Kit (Mercy for Animals)

Guide to vegetarian eating (Humane Society of the US)

Guide to dairy- and egg-free shopping, cooking and eating (Animal Aid)


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