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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stop Shopping the Planet to Death

Take action

The single most important thing we can do to help the planet and each other is to cease consuming thoughtlessly. We have to break free from the idea that if we want better lives for our children and grandchildren, they must have more stuff than we do, drive bigger cars, live in bigger houses, and eat richer foods.

There’s a difference between freedom from want and wonton excess. If we can’t return some balance to the way we conduct modern life, international concordats, conventions, and protocols won’t make a bit of difference.

Ready to get started on a simpler, healthier, greener way of living? Here are 10 places to begin:

  • Buy things that last, and learn to take care of them
  • Distribute non-essential possessions to people in need
  • Learn to grow and prepare at least some of your own food
  • Walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation whenever possible
  • Consider moving closer to where you work
  • Live in a home appropriately sized to the number of its occupants
  • Eat less meat or go vegetarian
  • Replace the chemicals in your life with natural, less toxic alternatives
  • Reduce your energy and water use through discipline and efficient appliances
  • Remember that of the Three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), Reduce matters most

What could you add to this list? Please share your best and brightest ideas with other More Minimal readers in our Comments section!

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