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Monday, November 30, 2009

How To Make a Gift Box Using a Greeting Card | Greenopolis




Instructions on How To Make a Gift Box Using a Greeting Card:

• Cut the card in half across the crease.

• Choose the side that you want to be the bottom half and cut about 1/8 inch from one long side and one short side.

• On the inside part of both cards, measure about 1 inch from the edge length and width wise. If you want a deeper box, cut 2 inches from the edge.

• Lightly draw a grid that you can fold over and cut.

• Fold the cards towards the inside along the lines drawn.

• Hold the card lengthwise and cut along the vertical lines to where the lines intersect.

• Put a piece of double sided tape on the flaps.

• Fold the box up along the lines and fold in the flaps.

• Fold up the end flap so that it sticks to the tape.

• Do the same for the other side and the other box. • Place the larger box on top of the smaller.

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