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Thursday, December 30, 2010

According to Hopi.........

Grant Lawrence--Bodhi Thunder

NOTE: This peice was taken from Grant Lawrence blog. (link Above)

Bodhi Bit: The Great Purification and The Fifth World

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Grant Lawrence--Bodhi Thunder

According to Hopi and other American Tribal traditions, we are presently in the transition from one world to another.

The Hopi Elders say that we are leaving the fourth world and entering the fifth world.

This, according to the Elders, is a time of painful transition.

The world we see around us is being poisoned and polluted. The world is in a dangerous state of near eco-collapse.

In an address by the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy to the Western World in Geneva Switzerland (1977) we find this wisdom.

...The air is foul, the waters poisoned, the trees dying, the animals are disappearing. We think even the systems of weather are changing. Our ancient teaching warned us that if Man interfered with the Natural Laws, these things would come to be. When the last of the Natural Way of Life is gone, all hope for human survival will be gone with it. And our Way of Life is fast disappearing, a victim of the destructive processes.

The other position papers of the Hau de no sau nee have outlined our analysis of economic and legal oppression. But our essential message to the world is a basic call to consciousness. The destruction of the Native cultures and people is the same process which has destroyed and is destroying life on this planet. The technologies and social systems which have destroyed the animal and plant life are also destroying the Native people. And that process is Western Civilization.

We know that there are many people in the world who can quickly grasp the intent of our message. But experience has taught us that there are few who are willing to seek out a method for moving toward any real change. But, if there is to be a future for all beings on this planet, we must begin to seek the avenues of change.

The processes of colonialism and imperialism which have affected the Hau de no sau nee are but a microcosm of the processes affecting the world. The system of reservations employed against our people is a microcosm of the system of exploitation used against the whole world. Since the time of Marco Polo, the West has been refining a process that mystified the peoples of the Earth....(bodhi thunder)

The Iroquois Confederacy was correct in its wise observations then, and as we are experiencing now their words were indeed prophetic.

Yet, this transition to this other world that the Native peoples are telling us about doesn't have to be painful. But it will likely seem horrific at times because humanity will not adopt the ways necessary to transition in a more humane way.

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Healing Medicine: The Great Peacemaker's Thunder Message

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. Observes in his excellent article, "Transition from the Fourth to the Fifth World: The Thunder Beings Return"

....We are entering the time of Great Purification, as Earth prepares to transition to the Fifth World. This is a period of Earth Changes: major earthquakes, tidal waves, many volcanoes erupting, land subsidence, emergence of new land, climatic changes, disease pandemics, and widespread starvation. Catastrophes of human origin are also in the offing, including: warfare involving weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, rioting and looting, collapse of monetary systems, and forced migrations. As with the previous Worlds, there will be those who want to cling to the old ways of the Fourth World and resist the need to change. We see them all around us now. And just as surely there will be those who seek to live in harmony with the rest of creation. Sensitive co-existence with other life is not ecological romanticism or fuzzy metaphysics. It is recognition of the true extent of family.

During this transition more than ever before, each of us is being called to serve the Great Spirit, that Center of Consciousness from which everything derives its being. Each of us has an important role during this Great Purification. We need to help find ways for nations, races and tribes to put aside differences, and join together for the good of everyone. We need to help plant and animal species survive. We have to bring to an end the pollution of Earth, and return to our proper role as caretakers of Earth’s ecosystems. We need to lay aside the "success" lifestyle of greed and materialism, and learn to adopt a lifestyle of "just enough" and "good enough". We need to move away from the twin follies of promiscuity and puritanism, and learn to reverence sex as the delightful yet sacred activity of appropriately joining opposites to create a higher truth. And we need to lay aside the weapons of war, and operate with that compassion, understanding and economic justice which make for peace...(mayan majix)
Boylan recounts having a Thunderbird experience that raised his consciousness. Like myself, Boylan believes that the Thunder Beings are often represented by a Thunderbird sighting. I have previously written about my Thunderbird experience and its profound effect on me.

I believe, like Boylan, that these Thunder Beings are here to assist humanity into the next age. They are making their presence known through UFO sightings and human contact. They are star beings that can be described as physical and spiritual as well as inter-dimensional.

We know that many UFO contactees have reported that ETs are concerned about the possible collapse of the earth's eco-system.

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Looks Like UFO Alien Abductees are Right about Our Unfolding Future

The late, great Harvard Psychiatrist and Professor Dr. John Mack reported what he had found from working with abductees.

...Dr.Mack also says that there is a general theme of the abductees being shown screens of environmental catastrophes. He says they report that even the spirits that live in the same environment that we do will have be displaced.

The cause of all of this future misfortune as reported by the abductees, according to Dr. Mack, will be too much environmental stress caused by pollution and human activities....(bodhi thunder)

So it would seem that these star people, or as the many tribal peoples identified them--"Thunder Beings", are here to assist humanity as they have been doing for millennium. They have not only made changes to human DNA ,but they have also likely helped evolve human consciousness.

The Iriquois message in their insightful "Call to Consciousness" is the same message that has been given to us by the star people or Thunder Beings through contactees. Humanity needs to evolve in their compassion and understanding soon. If we can achieve this quickly then there will be less suffering, destruction, and turmoil during this "Great Purification."

However, if we don't raise our consciousness then we are left to experience terribly traumatic and difficult times.

The Thunder Beings are here to assist us but ultimately the choice is ours.

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