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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Repurposing a laundry detergent bottle into a watering can

With much thanks to:  http://www.kristanlynn.com/2011/04/reuse-repurpose-upcycle.html

Thanks to the lovely Heather Leigh, I’m loving all things repurposed! If you do not follow her Repurposing board onPinterest… you really should! She pins the neatest ideas!
Like this one:
Repurposing a laundry detergent bottle into a watering can! (first seen here)
Can you say LOVE!
I hadn’t bought a watering can for the garden yet, because…
well, because they’re too darn expensive,
and I knew I could somehow make something to do the trick.
I actually had an 8 dollar one in my cart the other day,
then put it back before heading to the check out line.
The very next day, Heather pinned this Upcycled DIY Watering Can!
The best part about this: I just threw out TWO detergent bottles!
I instantly went and fished them outta the garbage!
It’s super easy too.
Just rinse out the detergent bottle until there are no soapy suds.
Take a drill with a tiny drill-bit, and start making holes in the cap.
Don’t forget to put a hole or two in the handle for air.
All my temporary planters are upcycled too!
I feel it makes my little garden even greener!
It works just as well as a store-bought watering can!
You don’t need a million holes like I put.
Making the holes was the most time consuming part of this mini project, and while this one works GREAT, I do believe it would have worked just as well with less holes.
Thus, making this little Do-It-Yourselfer even faster.
How about you, what have you repurposed lately??

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