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Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Keep Your Garden Pots Watered While on Vacation this Summer | eHow.com

 Plant Nanny for Wine Bottles

Plant Nanny for Wine Bottles My  favorite way of keeping my pots watered while I'm away however, is The Plant Nanny! They are hollow ceramic stakes that have an attachment on the top. To use them, you screw on a 1 or 2 liter soda bottle full of water to the top of the Plant Nanny. Push the stake side deep into the soil of the potted plant and the water is slowly released through the ceramic. The Plant Nanny keeps the soil in the flower pot moist and your plants alive and well. If you'd like something a little more fancy, purchase Plant Nannies that are made for attaching wine bottle to. See below in

 Potted Plant with Plastic Bottle

Potted Plant with Plastic Bottle

The next step is great for a weekend away. If you are going to be gone only a short time, consider filling an empty soda bottle with water and screwing it's cap back on. Pierce a small hole somewhere at the top of the bottle. With cap side down, push the top of the bottle into the potting soil, just like you would have with a Plant Nanny. This will allow water to slowly drip into the soil and also keep the potted plant watered. I've watered my potted plants just before I've left the house, put one of these bottles in and it worked perfectly for a long weekend getaway!

How to Keep Your Garden Pots Watered While on Vacation this Summer | eHow.com

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