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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Things to do with shredded paper | Bohemian Revolution

Things to do with shredded paper | Bohemian Revolution

Things to do with shredded paper

by Jen

150435_shreddedI shred a lot of paper nowadays to protect my identity. This producers bags and bags of trashed paper. Recycling it is one option. There are also a lot of things you can do with it, thus reusing as well as recycling. Also, it saves money.
  • Pack stuff with it. Delicate china, expensive electronics… this stuff beats styrofoam popcorn hands down because you can really pack it into those areas where you’re afraid something will rub, bump or shift. Use it for mailing items (if you’re sending it away, make sure your shredder leaves it in very tiny pieces to protect whatever was on that paper). Use it for packing stuff you’re going to stick in the garage or attic. Seriously – this stuff can move a whole house without anything breaking.
  • Use it as Easter Basket Grass.
  • Add flour and water (equal parts) and you’ve got papier mache for projects.
  • Give it away to a local animal shelter to use as bedding.
  • Use it as bedding for your own pets’ cages (rodents, etc.)
  • Give the kids some glue, some shreds, some watercolors, and some paper, and let them make art.

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