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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 Uses for Clothespins | Apartment Therapy Chicago

10 Uses for Clothespins | Apartment Therapy Chicago

10 Uses for Clothespins

If you've got a bag of clothespins on hand for line-drying, you can also use them around the house for other odd jobs. Click below for 10 spots around the house where clothespins can double as clips, hangers, and organizers...

  • Hangers for Odds and Ends: Affix a wire to a clothespin, twist it into a hanger, and hang odd items from a closet rod. The versions shown at top are from Plug and Play.

  • Artwork Display: Clipped to a wire, clothespins can hold photos and postcards. The image above shows an Inspiration Display from Gennine's Art Blog.

  • Office Organizer: Martha Stewart's Clothespin Organizer sorts papers over a desk or in a home office.

  • Desktop Clips: These clothespin clips from SusyJack* allow you to sort your papers by the day of the week.

  • Kitchen Clips: Use clothespins to clip pantry bags closed including chips, nuts, pasta, flour and any open dry-goods bags.

  • Clothes Hangers: Kind of an obvious use, but in addition to line-drying, you can clip clothespins to a regular closet hanger to hang skirts and pants.

  • Mitten/Glove Clips: Use clothespins to pin together a pair of mittens or gloves. Hang the clipped pair from a hook to dry when you come in from the snow.

  • Refrigerator Magnets: Hot-glue a magnet to the back of a clothespin, and you've got a memo clip for the refrigerator.

  • Stocking Hangers: Use clothespins on a wire across the mantelpiece to avoid filling the mantle with nail holes.

  • Clip-On Organizing Tags: Check out this organizing project from Ohdeedoh for inspiration.


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