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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make Your Own Topsy Turvy Planter With These Simple Techniques

Make Your Own Topsy Turvy Planter in a Plastic Bucket | As Seen on TV|As Seen on TV Product Reviews

Make your own Topsy Turvy Planter with these simple suggestions. I know many of you are looking for info on how to make your own Topsy Turvy Planter. I just came across some more how-to videos on eHow.com. Yolanda Vanveen has some suggestions on which tomato plants to choose for your Topsy Turvy, how to grow them in a plastic bucket and also how to prune your plants once they start growing.  You might  also be interested in a review of the Topsy Turvy Planter which includes how to make a Topsy Turvy fiber basket.

Video 1 - How to Get Started With Your Home Made Topsy Turvy Planter

Tomatoes as well as other vegetables such as bell peppers, hot peppers, egg plants, zucchini and herbs can be grown in upside down in hanging baskets. If you’re growing tomatoes, Yolanda suggests using a small variety of tomatoes for your planter, to prevent the mature tomatoes from falling off with all the weight.

Video 2 - How to Grow Tomatoes Upside-Down in a Plastic Bucket

Many gardeners seem to be using a plastic bucket for their upside down tomato planter. I personally don’t see why plastic buckets are better than the fiber ones. They look extremely heavy! Yolanda suggests starting the plants in a seed tray until there is a good root mass. Only then should you transplant them to a bucket. You can also grow tomatoes either out of the bottom or side of a bucket.
Here’s also a link to a step by step process along with some pictures.

Video 3 - How to Prune Your Upside Down Tomato Plants

Yolanda mentions that is a good idea to prune your plants to help the main stems grow sturdier and thicker. This prevent stems from snapping off especially after the tomatoes start growing and adding more weight.
Make your own Topsy Turvy planter with either a fiber basket or plastic container. It sure looks like you’d need a lot of dirt with the plastic container, which is why I’d prefer the fiber basket. Also you wouldn’t have to water as often. I guess it’s you’re own preference.

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