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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Make An Apron from An Old Pillow Case ~Tutorial

Vintage Pillowcase Apron Tutorial - CLOTHING
Sweet Apron made from a Pillow Case Tutorial

Step 1. Select your pillowcase. I get mine from the thrift store - they're 99 cents each there, and I'm always able to find really nifty ones. If you look at the above photos, you'll notice that at the bottom of the apron there is some type of neat-looking trim. Most of the pillowcases I find have this on them already - at the opening to the case.

Step 2. Cut your fabric

Cut your pillowcase into two parts. The bottom (aka the opening) part will be the apron, so make sure it's approx. the length you desire.

Cut the second piece of the pillowcase (aka the part that is NOT your apron) in half lengthwise.

Take the half that has 3 edges sewn (aka the top of the pillowcase). This will be where your pockets stem from. Cut a piece from this as wide as you'd like your pocket to be.

Match your first cut pocket to the other side of this piece of fabric and cut out your second pocket.

You should now have five pieces.
1) the apron body (not shown)
2 & 3) the pockets
4) the piece of fabric from between your pockets
5) another piece that we haven't dealt with yet.

Fold the piece that remains from between your pockets in half. Cut along the fold line. This will form two pieces which will be sewn as the pocket flaps.

Move to the spare piece of fabric. Cut it in half length-wise.

Cut one end open on each spare piece length. These will become your tie straps.

In total, you should have cut seven pieces from the original pillowcase.
1) Apron body
2 & 3) pockets
4 & 5) pocket flaps (picture on top of pockets)
6 & 7) Tie straps (loooong pieces)

Step 3: I like to sew-it, sew-it!

Turn pocket flaps right side together. Sew edge except the top. Turn right side out. Ready to sew.

Turn the pocket pieces right side together. Sew the edges together (minus a small opening). Pull the pockets right-side out again. They're ready to sew on.

Arrange your pockets and flaps on the apron. Try to keep your kitty OFF the apron.

Sew ties right-side together only on ONE side. Fold over top of apron. Fold raw edges under and pin in place.

Sew ties, on both sides. Sew pocket flap on bottom raw edge (underneath, on side that will not show). Sew pockets on right, bottom, and left edges.

Final touch - I used no-sew snaps - attach snaps to your flaps. Topstitch whatever you'd like to have a decorative finish on.

The finished product!

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